Whether through our Hosted Applications or consulting services, ClearDash has proven that all businesses can enjoy the same levels of IT sophistication that large companies have enjoyed for years.

ClearDash may create the solutions, but our products are designed by our customers who turn to ClearDash to solve real-world problems. And although we can't take all of the credit, we're happy to share the praise. Here is what our customers are saying about us:

"I could not imagine using any other time-tracking and billing system to run my business. After all the other ones that I have used and tried over the years, I find that ClearDash is the resource I continue to go back to time and time again. It has become my critical line of business application."
D. Dennen -- President, Dennen Communications Technologies, Inc.

"Before using ClearDash I had an accounting program, a billing program, and detailed logs for each of my customers, and had to enter the same information into each one separately to run my business. Billing was a nightmare which I procrastinated for days but ClearDash has changed that. Now I have a secure, web-enabled database to track my labor, parts & customer resources, which seamlessly integrates with my accounting program. Billing is actually enjoyable now--taking only minutes, instead of hours of frustration and triple-entry under the old system. ClearDash has given me the confidence to increase the level of service that I provide to my customers."
D. Stokes -- 3D Computer Connections, Inc.

"I am very pleased to be back benefiting from your ClearDash services.  At the time that I had KDC International you developed 2 websites for me and I remembered the very positive experience with you.  When I started Holt Dunbar Enterprises last month and had need of establishing a quick 'demo' type website access I thought of you, and am very glad that I did.  Your very quick response and guidance helped me immensely and you continue to do so.  Thank you for your great work ethic, ability and service."
H. Dunbar -- Holt Dunbar Enterprises

C. Aylward -- Devon James Associates, Inc

"ClearDash's service and support are the greatest. They have been there for me in hectic times. They have went above and beyond the call of duty. I wish all of our vendors were as responsive as ClearDash."
T. Shortt -- Network Administrator, Northwest Alarm Monitoring

"ClearDash makes scalable management of my client's information affordable. Low billing cost means we run lean and profitable. ClearDash is so easy to use that our new technicians get up to speed fast. I've built my business around ClearDash and the pay-off is seen at the bottom line each month."
D. Dennen -- President, Dennen Communications Technologies, Inc.